Your friends also suggested you follow a link to a new game with a hamster and you can’t understand the mass craze? This means that cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming part of everyday life! Digital currency, which until recently was considered entertainment for the most limited circle of traders, is now becoming attractive to people completely unfamiliar with investments. Turning investing into a game helps with this, and Hamster Kombat is a clear example of this.

In this article, we have collected the most popular questions about Hamster Kombat and made a detailed review of the crypto game.

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a recently launched game on Telegram. It positions itself as a platform for generating passive income through simple game mechanics. Hamster Kombat’s gameplay is simple: users earn daily rewards, earn tokens by clicking, inviting friends, and using bonuses to earn passive income by completing in-game challenges.

The project claims the opportunity to make quick money, but the lack of detailed technical documentation describing the basics of the game, tokenomics and long-term goals may cause concern among skeptics.

Why is the new clicker game gaining popularity?

Thanks to two key points – simplicity and potential earnings. The gameplay is that you take on the role of the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange and make a choice from several presented options. By clicking on the picture with a hamster, you increase your virtual assets and game rating. During the game, the participant receives virtual coins for each click. These coins will be convertible into the game’s native token, HMSTR. The developers are also planning to hold a Hamster Kombat giveaway on The Open Network (TON).

How does the player collect coins?

Referral program. The participant receives 2,000 coins for each referred friend who registered using a referral link, 25,000 coins if the friend has a Telegram premium plan, and up to 100,000 coins or more for an active player on the team.

Completing tasks. Daily Combo and Daily Cipher – Member can earn 5 million coins for free by purchasing three hidden cards per day. This is a daily task that needs to be done continuously to quickly increase your coin balance.

Purchasing and updating cards. Given the developers’ recent announcement that hourly profit takes precedence over the balance of coins to be distributed, it’s also important for the player to exchange coins for “profitable” cards.

Who created Hamster Kombat?

For now, the creators remain anonymous. The lack of information about the development team and founders of Hamster Kombat causes mistrust about the legitimacy and goals of the project.

Developers go to great lengths to hide their identities, using AI-generated voices in their YouTube videos and voice changers when broadcasting on Twitter Spaces.

Similar products

Hamster Kombat is not the only project of its kind. In the crypto-games segment, there is an explosive growth in the popularity of Telegram games with “earn with one click” mechanics. This trend began with the phenomenal rise of Notcoin, which was further enhanced by the meteoric rise of Hamster Kombat.

With 78 million users and a daily active base of over 30 million in early June, Hamster Kombat has already surpassed many of SocialFi’s other well-known games. By comparison, the hugely popular Axie Infinity (AXS) reached just under 3 million daily active users at its peak in late 2021 and early 2022.

The listing of the Notcoin token, originally scheduled for April 20, was delayed by developer Open Builders by a month. The launch didn’t take place at the end of April as planned, nor in parallel with the Bitcoin halving, and was only carried out on May 16th.

However, despite the delay, Notcoin’s listing was a success for players, especially those who held on to their tokens. Over the past two weeks, the token’s price has increased by 350%, and it has become one of the 60 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, reaching $2.15 billion.

Partnerships with famous platforms

Hamster Kombat has secured the support of reputable companies such as BingX and Kickspad, which increases the legitimacy of the project. The conclusion of these partnerships suggests that Hamster Kombat has undergone due diligence and auditing by experienced players in the crypto industry. However, it’s important to understand that partnerships do not guarantee the long-term success or legitimacy of a project.

They only indicate that Hamster Kombat has attracted the interest of large companies, perhaps due to its original concept or development prospects.

Is Hamster Kombat legal?

At the beginning of June 2024, Hamster Kombat attracted 78 million users and wasn’t detected in fraudulent activity. The game appears to be legitimate at the moment, however some users on social media do not trust the platform due to the lack of an instant withdrawal feature and inconsistencies in some of the game’s asset counters.

In this context, it’s important to note that Hamster Kombat is currently positioned as an entertainment game only and users shouldn’t consider it as a guaranteed source of income.

The game’s legitimacy regarding payouts will become more evident after the launch of the HMSTR token, when users will be able to convert their virtual coins into cryptocurrency.

Do you need to pay to play the game?

At the moment, one of the key advantages of Hamster Kombat is that it’s free, which makes the game accessible without any financial risks. Unlike many other crypto projects that require an initial investment or entry fees, Hamster Kombat allows users to participate and potentially earn rewards without risking their own funds.

This low barrier to entry makes the game attractive, especially to those who are reluctant to invest in untested or unfamiliar projects. The absence of financial obligations positions Hamster Kombat as a safe opportunity to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain games, as well as to potentially make a profit.

Is it possible to put money for withdrawal?

Until the token is included in the listing – no. Attracting new players to Hamster Kombat is not difficult, but retaining them is a more difficult task. According to data provided by Hamster Kombat, the game currently has a daily active audience of around 40-45 million people. However, a significant portion of this audience is likely made up of newcomers who have come to the game thanks to the recent surge in popularity.

What motivates people to spend hours managing a virtual crypto exchange in Hamster Kombat? Many are no doubt excited by the prospect of a token giveaway, especially given the generous token giveaway of Hamster Kombat’s predecessor, Notcoin, to its players. And now, with a set date, the anticipation becomes even more acute, because it is on this day that the token may depreciate.

When will the token be listed?

According to the published roadmap, the generation of Hamster Kombat tokens is scheduled for July. After this, the tokens will become available for trading on exchanges. Currently, users can connect their wallets to the game and wait for the token to be listed.

Despite some delays, the Hamster Kombat project is showing positive dynamics, especially after the announcement of the transition to the TON blockchain. Taking into account previous experience, the launch of the Notcoin token, originally scheduled for April 20, in parallel with the Bitcoin halving, was postponed by a month.

Just days before the scheduled event, developer Open Builders delayed the launch of NOT, failing to meet its goal by the end of April. The final launch took place on May 16. For players, especially those who have held onto their tokens, NOT’s launch has proven worthwhile: it has surged 350% in the last two weeks and is now among the top 60 cryptocurrencies by market cap, reaching $2.15 billion.

What does this mean?

Hamster Kombat is a game that is gaining popularity in the “earn money in one click” genre. Unlike projects that position themselves as solving real-world problems through complex missions or innovative technologies, Hamster, like its predecessor Notcoin, is created purely for entertainment.

Features of Hamster Kombat:

  • No website: The game does not have an official website.
  • The coin’s uncertain future: no one can predict where the HMSTR token will go after listing.
  • Anonymous Team: The Hamster developers prefer to remain anonymous.

Notcoin, developing according to a similar scenario, also leaves the question of its viability open.

People new to tokens or investments in general should remember that cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile asset. This means that its price can fluctuate dramatically up or down within a short period of time. This feature is relevant even for the largest and most liquid cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether, whose exchange rate can change by 4% in half a day. In the case of less popular cryptocurrencies, the situation is even more dramatic – their rate can fluctuate even by 200% within a few days. Trading on these assets requires knowledge, experience and competent risk management.

At this stage, it is important to understand that Hamster Kombat is a game and not an investment. And remember that you can invest any resources – monetary, intellectual or time – only when you can afford to lose them.

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