Do you want to start investing, but you haven’t earned a million dollars yet or haven’t even inherited an apartment to rent? No problem! Until now, few people think about such a source of passive income as trading. But right now you can join the percentage of those who are already increasing their profits every day.

Find out exactly how in this article!

Why is it worth trading on the stock market?

  • Stable and high income. Of course, you are unlikely to make a million in the first days. But even realistic estimates say that trading can bring in at least an additional $1000 per month to your main income.
  • The path to financial freedom. In addition to the possibility of earning extra money, trading can become your career calling. Professional traders are, as a rule, freelancers who don’t depend on the budget of specific companies and earn money exclusively through trading.
  • Opportunity to purchase your own property and car. Regular 5/2 work is rarely able to recoup expensive purchases. But in trading there is no salary cap, so your plans are entirely in your hands.
  • Material support for loved ones. Moreover, trading in financial markets can provide not only your needs, but also fulfill the desires of your loved ones. Money is an opportunity to take care of your family.

Why can’t you trade without training?

Trading is a zero-sum game: for every person who loses money, there is another who makes money from it. How to get into the second group?

There is only one answer: get an education. Taking a trading course is a big step towards success in the markets, which novice investors shouldn’t neglect. And that’s why:

  • Understanding the market. The field of exchange trading operates with a large number of complex terms: pips, spread, stop loss, order, scalping, etc. Training from a specialist will allow you to master them as quickly as possible and apply your knowledge in real trading.
  • Risk management. Capital protection is the key to success in the market. During the training, an experienced trader will teach you how to protect yourself in making trades.
  • Mentoring support. Training with a professional will help you avoid most of the mistakes that beginners make when trading on their own.

How will ParadTrade’s “Fundamentals of Financial Markets” course help you?

  • find out what you need to know before diving into trading;
  • understand which type of trading suits you best – investment or margin trading;
  • learn about the differences between asset types – stocks and indices, currency pairs on Forex, cryptocurrencies, the commodity sector;
  • decide what amount to start trading with;
  • learn what fundamental and technical analysis are;
  • understand how margin leverage works when concluding transactions.

What do viewers of the course “Fundamentals of Financial Markets” get:

  • Profit: knowledge that increases income;
  • Tips: support from like-minded people and experts 24/7;
  • Prestige: support for course authors;
  • Benefit: consultation with a professional trader.

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